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Poster Wall – Picture Wall

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Poster wall – Picture wall


A beautiful poster wall can really enhance the ambiance of a home. When you come home, you can get inspiration or feel wonderfully relaxed. Below we have some tips to think about. You can click here to see some examples of photo walls.


Gather all accessories and tools before you start. If you have several posters, lay them on the floor, stand on a chair and take a picture, or cut paper models in a smaller scale and make your composition.


A straight bottom edge makes the ceiling height feel higher. Large posters are usually good to hang this way.


Ceiling height feels lower. Effective if you have many posters and hang them a little higher.


Poster wall that suits your kitchen.

A good option if your posters are of different sizes. Hang the largest one in the middle and continue with the others on both sides horizontally after a center line.


Two posters next to each other in the same size give a structured and stylish impression. If you have two different sizes and want to hang in height, you hang the larger poster over the smaller one.


If you have many posters, it is a good idea to gather several and create a poster collection on the wall. You can group by shape and color.


Place your posters so that all fit within a thought rectangle or square. Try to keep the same distance between your posters. Can be a bit tricky to get right.


Even if you hang irregularly, it is nice to work with symmetry. Important to have the same distance between all posters and let them branch out in an oval shape.


It becomes uniform if all frames have the same color. Or let the art unite by style and some common colors. If you make a whimsical wall where you mix different forms of art, it is still important to unite the feeling with color choices.


Perfect for those who want to change often. Gives a relaxed and cool impression.


If you have a large or odd poster, hang it as a solo on the wall and perhaps light it with a spotlight or art lighting. Consider that the poster should fit in size to the furniture next to it. Together with a neat piece of furniture in a smaller space, a small poster works and vice versa.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]