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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of paper do you use for your posters?
A: We print on a matte, uncoated premium paper with a paper weight of 200 grams per m2. This gives a fantastic end product, a stable poster with perfect print. Regular copier paper often has a paper weight between 60 and 80 grams per m2.

Q: Where do you print your posters?
A: We print all our posters at a facility in Sweden.


Q: I haven’t received an order confirmation via email?
A: Sometimes the order confirmation may be classified as spam, check if it got stuck in the spam folder of your email client. If you still can’t find it, feel free to contact us and we will send a new one, perhaps there was a typo in the email address.

Q: Can I change/cancel my order?

Changes and cancellations can only be made to orders that have not been packed on our warehouse. We process our orders on a continuous basis through a fast logistics flow, so please contact customer service as soon as possible if you want to make changes or cancel. We will send you a delivery confirmation via email when we have sent your order.

If we have already sent your order, you will need to retrieve it and return it to us, you can find more information on returns here.

Q: I entered the wrong customer information on my order, what should I do?
A: Contact us as soon as you notice the mistake. If we have already handled/sent your order, we cannot make any adjustments afterwards.


Q: What is your delivery time?
A: We normally deliver within 2-5 working days from the order.

Q: How long will my package stay at the pickup point?
A: The package is normally kept for 14 days at the pickup point. However, this may vary from pickup point to pickup point, so please try to retrieve it as soon as possible. It is important to retrieve your package before it is returned from the pickup point as there will be a fee for uncollected packages.

Q: What happens if I don’t pick up my package?
A: If you leave the package at the pick-up point without picking it up, it will be returned to us as an unclaimed package. You will then be charged 18€ for all the costs of an unclaimed package.

Q: Can I choose a pick-up location for my package?
A: You will be able to do that soon, currently we ship to the nearest pick-up location, and sometime direct to your home.

Q: What does the sender say on the package?
A: Posterland

Q: Which shipping company delivers my package?
A: We currently ship our packages with Postnord, DPD and DHL. In different market we can aslo ship with other couriers.


Q: What payment options can I choose?
A: We use Klarna, Paypal and some local providers as our payment partners, through Klarna you can choose between invoice payment, partial payment, direct payment via bank and card payment, available payment options are displayed in the cart.

Q: How is my invoice sent and when do I receive it?
A: Your invoice will be sent to the email address that you registered at the time of purchase.

The invoice is activated and sent when your order has been packed at our warehouse. If you have not received your invoice, you can contact Klarna directly who will help you with everything related to the payment, they can for example send out a new invoice via e-mail.

Q: When will I receive a refund for a return?

If you have already paid the invoice / purchase, you will receive an email about the refund from Klarna when we have received and approved your return.

If you haven’t already paid, the purchase will be canceled with Klarna and the invoice will be removed when the return is approved.


Q: I would like to return my order and make a return – how do I do it?
As a customer with us, you always have 14 days of open purchase and right of withdrawal.

To make a return, you need to fill in the contact form here.

In order for us to approve your return, the product must not have been used and therefore the packaging / sealing must not be opened, it is of course possible to only return individual products in your order or the entire order.

When we have received your email, you will receive a return shipping label via email, which can be printed and taped on the package that you hand in at the nearest Postnord representative.

Return conditions:

  • The goods are unused, packaging and any sealing must be unbroken.
  • The return shipping costs SEK 65 and is adjusted on the purchase with Klarna.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility that the shipment reaches us upon return, so we ask you to contact us and we will provide a return shipping label for a fee of SEK 65 that is traceable throughout the postal process.
  • If the sealing / packaging is broken, the return will not be approved.

Q: How do I make a complaint?
A: If you are unlucky and your product is defective, you should make a complaint. To make a complaint, you need to fill in the contact form here.

Describe the problem/fault as thoroughly as possible, if we can not solve the problem remotely, we usually take the product in for a check.

Q: I have made a return, when will I receive a refund?
We receive returns and process them continuously.

If you have already paid the invoice/purchase, you will receive an email about the refund from Klarna when we have received and approved your return.

If you have not already paid, the purchase will be cancelled with Klarna and the invoice will be removed when the return is approved.


Q: I am interested in selling my art through you, how do I do it?
A: You can read more about how we work with external artists and photographers on the link Sell your art through Posterland. There you can also fill in the form and submit examples of your art.

Q: I am interested in writing about you and showcasing your work on my blog / website / Pinterest.
A: You are welcome to link to us and write about us, we always appreciate it.

Q: Do you pay for influencers to write about you and link to you?
A: It may occur, but we mostly work with influencers where we send out our gift cards. Please contact us if you have interest of that.

Other questions – please email: [email protected]